Autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire photographic memory drawing - new Nissan Micra, Google Tilt Brush, 3d HTC Vive VR headset

[VIDEO] Reckon you could draw a car in full-size 3D using unfamiliar tools after seeing it for just 60 seconds? This guy did.

London-born artist, Stephen Wiltshire, has a fascinating background. Autistic and unable to speak until he was 9, he expressed himself through drawing. Stephen has always had an encyclopaedic knowledge of American cars and been obsessed with sketching landmark London buildings, which led to the Prime Minister commissioning him to draw Salisbury Cathedral at just 8 years of age. Stephen has had several books published featuring his work and received an OBE in 2006 when he was 34.

His photographic memory makes Stephen a particularly amazing artist and has given him the ability to draw, for example, a highly detailed and scaled aerial illustration of the London skyline after just a short helicopter ride, and to sketch Rome entirely from memory.

Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan, decided to set Stephen the challenge of accurately drawing its new Micra supermini after allowing him to walk around and look at it for just 60 seconds.

As if this wasn’t taxing enough, Stephen was told he couldn’t use his preferred monochrome pen and paper approach but had to get to grips with Google’s Tilt Brush technology, painting in virtual reality 3D using HTC’s Vive VR headset. Sure, Stephen has always loved drawing cars, but never in full scale and using such high-tech tools.

Did Stephen succeed in the challenge Nissan set for him? You bet he did. If you’ve got a couple of minutes, why not watch the video to see how he accomplished this incredible achievement?

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