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Can certain car colours help you lose weight in the New Year plus make you happier and safer?

It’s fair to say that most people end up gobbling more nibbles, treats and general food during the Christmas and New Year break than at other times of the year, so losing weight and keeping fit unsurprisingly feature on a large proportion of New Year’s resolutions lists.

Car colours and shedding that post-Christmas podge

For people buying or leasing a new car in 2017, can the choice of colour affect their chances of dropping a dress or trouser size? Honda certainly thinks so, based on the VeryWell psychology website saying that the colour ‘yellow can also increase the metabolism’, which the Japanese manufacturer quips makes it ‘the perfect choice of cars for those looking to shed a few pounds.’

Admittedly, Honda pick out yellow because they want to whip up interest in their really rather good Jazz supermini [read our full road-test review], but our blog is produced by cynical journalists and writers, so it’s only right to mention that the Psychologist World site explains that red is a popular colour in restaurants because it too increases a person’s metabolism. This is great ammunition if you’re trying to nudge your significant other towards going halves on a Ferrari.

Colour choices and improved wellbeing

VeryWell psychologists talk of yellow and orange as being cheery and warm colours that are full of energy and leave people feeling more motivated, excited and enthusiastic, which Honda reckons means that people who lease or buy a Jazz in Attract Yellow Pearl or Sunset Orange stand a far greater chance of being happier in general whilst deriving more enjoyment from driving. Speaking about the two aforementioned colours, Honda UK’s Head of Cars, Phil Webb, comments that they “help lift the moods of everyone around them – another part of the Drive Happy culture that defines Jazz’s DNA”.

Does colour also relate to how safe a car is?

The bods at Honda refer to a study by Monash University in Australia, looking at the relationship between road accident rates and car colours, which in a nutshell found orange cars to be statistically the least likely to be involved in an accident, with yellow also doing well. The report found that dark cars such as black or grey are statistically more susceptible to being pranged, mainly down to the fact that they’re less visible – something even more relevant in gloomy countries like the UK compared to the likes of Spain.

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We couldn’t resist including this irresistibly sweet Honda S500 in white

In the executive summary, the university says that the ‘results of the analysis identified a clear statistically significant relationship between vehicle colour and crash risk’ and stated that ‘no colour was statistically significantly safer than white’. This is good news for the UK where white was the most popular new car colour in figures to early 2016. People and business fleet managers keen to lease or buy the safest cars possible will be interested in the university honing in on ‘lower visibility colours having higher risks of more severe crashes’.

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Register your interest in leasing the new Honda Civic on business or personal contract hire

Okay, Honda has its own interests in mind in promoting yellow and orange as colours that can have a more positive effect on one’s waistline, mood and safety, but our own wider research has confirmed that the Japanese purveyor of famously reliable and safe cars hasn’t especially over-egged the pudding and colours can indeed make a difference. And happy new year to our readers, by the way!


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